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Recent Archaeological Discoveries in Somerset

Please Note: Date Change ........ to Wednesday, April 16th at 7.30 pm.

This talk highlights significant archaeological sites that were discovered in Somerset during 2013 as part of the planning process. These sites include: prehistoric ritual, Roman settlements and the mysterious medieval building at Longworth Farm, Wellington. The talk reveals the rich heritage buried below the fields of Somerset and provides insights into the world of professional archaeologists.

Come and find out more from Steven Membery, Somerset County Council's Senior Historic Environment Officer at the Somerset Heritage Centre on Wednesday 16th April at 7.30 pm.





The Programme of Events 2014

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Transcribing the Tithe Apportionments of Somerset Parishes

Tithe CombinedAn update to the list of the tithe apportionments that have been finished is available under Projects - Tithe Award Details of the menu system on the left, or you can go straight to the page by clicking here. These awards are available to view at the Somerset Heritage Centre by request.

Join our transcription team!
If anyone would like to join our transcribing team by transcribing a parish of your choice that has not already been done, please contact Jenni by clicking here. There are two ways of transcribing - one at the Heritage Centre using original documents, or at home using folios sent by email. The choice is yours!

The task is not too taxing, does not need great computing skills and can be done in your own time - there is no rush to complete the job. We will give you full instructions and indeed answer any queries or try to solve any problems that you might have. If you are already a transcriber and would also like, perhaps, to do another parish, please contact Jenni by clicking here.

The Friends of Somerset Archives and the Dickinson Archive

The archive of the Dickinson family of Kingweston, is a large important collection held at the Somerset Heritage Centre.

In December 2011, volunteers from the Friends of Somerset Archives began the arduous task of flattening the thousands of documents previously contained within the hundreds of bundles. The enthusiasm of the team became very evident, enabling them to finish the flattening process 2 months earlier than expected, April 2012, when the seven volunteers divided into two groups. For a current update on the Dickinson Project either go to our Projects Menu on the left or click here to go directly to the page.

If you would like to help with either the conservation work or the indexing please contact Liz Grant at the Somerset Heritage Centre,

Odd footnote to the Dickenson Project - The emptying of the cellar - and other oddities - click here to see more!


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