New Accessions at the Somerset Record Office
January-March 2007

An "accession" is the technical term for a record or group of records deposited at the record office for safekeeping.  Every accession is given its own unique "accession code", so that we can trace exactly when a document came in, its status, the details of who deposited it with us, and which other records, if any, came in with it.



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January 2007

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Accession Code Reference Code Description Covering Dates Extent
M/2262 D\P\w.zoy Westonzoyland parish magazines. Jan-Dec 2007 12 docs
M/2263 A\CNV ContoC Christmas Concerts: recordings and annual report. 2006 4 items
M/2264 D\P\tau.m Taunton St. Mary Magdalene: faculty for rebuilding the church tower, erecting lead roofs and rehanging the bells. 23 Mar 1858 1 doc
M/2265 A\CSJ Colour photographs of Tone Vale Hospital and its grounds. c.1983 1 bundle
M/2266 A\CSK Assignment of land in Over Stowey. 25 Jun 1723 1 doc
M/2267 A\CSL Martock: Deeds and associated documents for ''The Nook'', 53 Main Street, Ash, Martock. 1878-1967 1 bundle
M/2268 A\CSM Register of fish caught in Somerset rivers. 1937-1942 1 doc
M/2269 A\CSO Warry and Hooper families of Yeovil area: deeds, various account books, and associated papers. 18th-20th cent. 5 boxes
M/2270 D\P\cve Cleeve: service registers for Claverham Mission Church. 1906-1973 4 vols
M/2271 A\BAV Abstract of disentailing deed. 1893 1 doc
M/2272 D\P\hat.w West Hatch: marriage register. 1980-2005 1 vol
M/2273 DD\X\HALW Wedmore: transcript of casebook of John Westover, surgeon, and unpublished manuscript of an account of his life entitled 'Pills, Politics and Plasters'. [1686]-1998 2 bundles
M/2274 A\CRR Digital images of postcards of Yeovil (3 images) and St. Michael's Church, East Coker (1 image). [nd, c.1900] 4 docs
M/2275 A\CSP Three publications relating to the construction of the M5 motorway. 1968-1977 3 vols
M/2276 D\N\cvc Cheddar Valley Methodist Church: preaching plans and directories. 1952-1960 1 bundle
M/2277 A\CGF Extract from Foster family Bible. [1815-1835] 1 item
M/2278 D\P\farm Farmborough: additional Parish Records: "Trio" (parish magazine). 2005-2006 2 bundles
M/2279 A\CSQ Conveyance of The Hydro and Cliff House, Clevedon 14 May 1907 1 doc
M/2280 DD\X\NAS Watchet Charity Trust: papers of the Medical and Sickness Sub-Committee. 1959-1993 1 file
M/2281 A\CSR Common recovery of land in Brompton Regis. 19 Jun 1793 1 doc
M/2282 A\CSS Combe, Dulverton: copy pictures. 19th cent 6 items
M/2285 A\CST Deeds relating to Yew Cottage, Shurton, Bridgwater. 1864-1949 1 bundle
M/2288 A\CSU Records of the Somerset County Bowling Association, including: minutes, accounts, match records, year books, tour itineraries, photographs and branch histories. 1914-2006 5 boxes
M/2291 A\CRK School photographs: Weirfield, Taunton, and Sunny Hill, Bruton. 1951-1959 3 items
M/2341 DD\SWD Ernst papers: List of the Royal Military College 1845 1 vol

February 2007

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Accession Code Reference Code Description Covering Dates Extent
M/2283 DD\X\NDS Record of church furnishings of St James, Cameley 2006 1 file
M/2284 D\N\cl.b Two marriage registers for the Baptist church, Station Road, Clevedon. 1967-1995 2 vols
M/2286 A\AUS Keinton Mandeville and Barton St David: notification concerning an indenture and mortgage of properties. 1879 1 doc
M/2287 D\P\stogm Stogumber parish magazines. 1978-1999 13 vols
M/2289 DD\PH Phelips family of Montacute: estate papers. Comprises mainly of papers concerning the administration of the estate of Edward F Phelips following his death on 19 Sep 1928, including papers concerning the proposed sale of Montacute House, c.1929-c.1933. Includes sale particluars for Montacute House which contain photographs, a plan and an agreement of sale between Gerard Almasus Phelips (brother of the late Edward F Phelips) and Capt. Arthur C B Critchley of White Lodge, Dunchurch, Warwickshire, 21 Jun 1929.
Also includes various abstracts of title, conveyances, tenancy agreements and leases relating to property in Montacute, Odcombe, Norton sub Hamdon, etc. (including a lease of the stone quarries in Montacute to Ham Hill Stone Company, 1891); copy wills of William Phelips, Esq., of Montacute, made 21 Aug 1856, and Mrs Harriet Helyar of Coker Court, widow and relict of the late William Helyar, Esq., made Oct 1862; marriage settlements of Capt John Uchtred Macdowall Ingilby and Marjorie Cicely Phelips of Montacute.
mid 19th cent.
-mid 20th cent.
3 boxes
M/2290 A\AVE File of civil defence and Mothers' Union papers kept by Phyllis Miles. 1965-1971 2 files
M/2292 D\PC\winsh Winsham Parish Council additional records: minutes and annual meeting minutes, correspondence. 1984-1991 1 bundle
M/2293 A\AUS Drainage records: Portishead Urban District Council, Weston super Mare Borough Council and Axbridge Rural District Council. c.1930s-1970s 6 items
M/2294 A\CSV Wick St Lawrence: A Journey through time in words and pictures 2006 3 files
M/2295 T\PH\tbl Somerset: Somerset: master negatives microfilm copies of Somerset newspapers. [2006] 23 films
M/2296 DD\X\MDT Wincanton: monumental inscriptions. [1819-1969] 2 docs
M/2297 DD\ASC Avon & Somerset Constabulary additional records including journal of PC Lord, occurrence books, annual reports, Coroner's officer handbook, photograph, helmet and plate. 1900-1974 1 box
M/2298 D\P\ly.l Lyncombe St Luke additional parish records: minute books, correspondence, visitors book, electoral rolls, registers, building work. 1881-2000 1 box
M/2299 DD\X\LLY Two bundles of deeds and associated papers, with transcripts, relating to property in Clevedon. The first bundle relates to six houses at The Beach (8 documents plus transcript, 1850-1954, 2007) and the second to a house various known as 14 Old Street/Bay Tree Cottage/Ashley House (54 documents plus transcript, 1839-1998, 2007). 1839-2007 2 bundles
M/2300 A\CQY Batcombe Parish Church: record of monuments within the church and churchyard. 2007 1 vol, 1 disk
M/2301 A\CSW Home Guard: DVD's of series entitled 'The Real Home Guard', programmes 1-3, produced by Diverse Television for Channel 4. Contains interviews with Peter Watkin concerning No. 2 Platoon, Taunton Home Guard, 1941. 2006 3 disks
M/2302 DD\HN Harbin and Rawlins families of Newton Surmaville, Yeovil: family correspondence, photographs, personal papers and estate papers, chiefly c.1840-c.1950. 19th cent.
-20th cent.
30 boxes
M/2303 A\CQY Frome: transcript and index of the membership lists of Badcox Lane Baptist Chapel. [1807-1923] 1 disk
M/2304 A\CSX North Newton: Reminiscences of Ray Price. [1920s-1940s] 1 vol
M/2305 DD\S\GLY Goathurst: parish map surveyed by William Day of the lands of Sir Charles Kemeys Tynte. 1771 1 roll
M/2306 A\AZF Bridgwater St Mary: transcripts of parish registers. [1745-1799] 2 items
M/2307 D\PC\Ban Banwell: Parish council minutes and letter book 1894-1971 3 boxes
M/2308 Q/RER Bound electoral registers for the Yeovil and Somerton & Frome constituencies. 1984-1990 4 boxes
M/2309 DD\UK Facsimile volume entitled 'Recollections of Childhood; or, Sally, the Faithful Nurse', by 'Primogenita'. [1840] 1 vol
M/2310 DD\UK Photograph album of the Browne family of Stanton Prior. c.1860-1900 1 vol
M/2311 A\CRR Digital image of a postcard showing Bloomfield Road, Bath, in c.1920. [c.1920] 1 doc
M/2312 D\N\cl.b Marriage register of the Baptist Church, Station Road, Clevedon. 1996-2002 1 vol
M/2313 C/SEC Taunton: draft of conveyance of land for the site of Huish's Grammar School. 1958 1 doc
M/2314 DD\SAS Watercolour by Harry Frier of the Mendip mining map DD\SAS/S32. nd, c.1875 1 doc
M/2315 A\CSY Highbridge: photographs, slides and other images collected by the late Jack Foster, former chairman of the Highbridge History Project. Includes CD of images and publications. [late 19th cent.]-early 21st cent. 2 boxes
M/2316 A\CQY Parish register and other transcripts, in Microsoft Excel databases, for: Bridgwater Holy Trinity, St. Francis, St. John, St. Mary, Christchurch Chapel, the Mariners' Chapel, the Methodist Church and cremations; Chilton Polden; Shapwick; and Sutton Mallet. [1820-2006] 12 files
M/2317 D\D\per Personal files for deceased clergy: the Revd. John Atkins, the Rev. Prebendary Kenneth Davis, the Revd. Timothy Gouldstone, the Revd. Barry Irons, the Revd. Prebendary Neville Kent and the Revd. Brian Sutton. 1965-2006 6 files
M/2318 T\PH\TBL Wellington: master negative copies of the Wellington Weekly News. [2006] 2 films
M/2319 A\AHH Staplehay: photographs and miscellaneous papers relating to the Aplin family. 19th cent.
-20th cent.
1 bundle

March 2007

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Accession Code Reference Code Description Covering Dates Extent
M/2320 A\BUA Photocopied correspondence to Edwin H. Gulliford of Ely, Over Stowey, Jun-Aug 1920, and photocopy of inventory for Quantock Lodge, 1870. [1870-1920] 2 bundles
M/2321 DD\X\NDS NADFAS church record for St. Giles' Chuch, Bradford on Tone. 2005 1 file
M/2322 DD\SLS Somerset Law Society: photocopied ?yearbooks for 1991-1992 and 1992-1993. [1992-1993] 2 docs
M/2323 A\CSZ 1st edition Ordnance Survey map, sheet 13.2. 1885 1 roll
M/2324 A\CRF Sketch map of lands at Woodborough Green, Winscombe, including named lanes, lands, some houses and a row of mine shafts, complete with shaft heads and winding gear. It is thought that the map relates to the later 1600s; a period when the Dean and Chapter were exploiting the recent discovery of calamine and lead on Woodborough Green. 17th. cent 1 doc
M/2325 D\N\frm.b Frome Baptist Church: deeds, poor books, accounts, copy burials, Sunday School attendance, admissions and journal books, correspondence, plans and elevations, orders of service and photographs. (Church also known as Sheppards Barton Chapel.) 1696-1989 3 boxes
M/2326 A\AHH Aplin family: income tax returns, will and related papers of Samuel Aplin of Gravesend, Kent, formerly of Pitminster. 1869-1940 1 bundle
M/2327 C/CR/W West Somerset Coroner: inquests - natural causes. 2003 6 boxes
M/2328 A\CMM Films relating to Congresbury (made by Ray Atwell and collected by the Congresbury History Society); the Bristol Stone and Concrete Company; Compton Martin; and films made by David Meads mainly relating to caving on the Mendips. 1937-1991 70 films
M/2329 A\BHN Exmoor Flood Memories oral history recordings, with release forms. 2006 3 disks,
1 bundle
M/2330 C\Min County Council minutes. 2007 15 docs
M/2331 A\CQV Deeds and associated documents relating to Foxhound Farm, Fivehead (once the Foxhound Inn), plus CD-Rom of photographs relating to the Foxhound Inn. 1863-2002 2 bundles,
1 disk
M/2332 A\CMA Deeds and associated papers of Bartlett, Gooding and Weelen, Solicitors, with some business papers of the practice and of Messrs. Austin and Bath, Solicitors, of Glastonbury. 18th-20th cent. 27 boxes
M/2333 D\DC\tau.d Taunton Deane Borough Council: deeds and associated papers concerning properties owned by the council. The deeds concerning the actual purchase of property by the council have been retained by the council.
A note of the file reference numbers that were originally allocated to the deeds by the council has been added to each bundle.
Future deposits of these deeds to be added to this accession.
20th cent. 16 boxes
M/2334 D\P\doul Doulting: An account of the restoration of the church bells. 2002 1 vol
M/2335 D\P\mls Mells group parish magazines. Covers the parishes of Buckland Dinham, Chantry, Great Elm, Mells with Vobster and Whatley. 1995-2007 6 bundles
M/2336 A\CFA Chantry, Elm and Whatley: index to electoral rolls, sale particulars, transcript abstract of title, and a short history of William and Betty Vickery, Pioneers of the Temprance Movement at Nunney. [1831]-c. 2000 5 files
M/2337 A\CTA Frome: deed concerning house in Frome Selwood. 1884 1 doc
M/2338 A\CTB Laverton: survey of the graveyard. 2006 1 file
M/2339 DD\WI Somerset Federation of Women's Institutes: records for branches of Appley Cross, Barwick and Stoford, Bradford on Tone, Brompton Ralph, Burrowbridge, Chilthorne Domer, Croscombe, Curry Rivel, Federation, Horringtons, Horsington, Langport, Long Sutton, Lydford and District, Marston Magna, Martock, Meare and Westhay, Monkton Evening, North Curry, North Newton, North Petherton, Rodney Stoke and Draycott, Somerton, South Petherton, The Charltons, Thornfalcon, Wincanton, Yeovil Marsh, Yeovil Wraxhill. 1924-2006 21 boxes
M/2340 D\P\burt Burtle: burial register. 1841-1993 1 vol
M/2342 A\CTC Printed material relating to Somerset schools: Rules of management of voluntary aided primary schools (nd, c.1954); Somerset County Education Committee memorandum on school cleaning (1954); draft scheme relating to the governance of certain Church of England educational foundations in the Diocese of Bath and Wells (c.1946). c.1946-1954 3 docs
M/2343 A\CGB Nailsea: building drawings of the winding house at The Elms Colliery. 1996 1 roll
M/2344 A\BBC Somerset Light Infantry: CD-Rom containing indexes relating to the 7th battalion. [1914-1917] 1 disk
M/2345 A\CTD Rode: publication entitled 'A History of Brewing in Rode', volumes 1 and 2; research notes concerning brewing in Rode; album of photographs that appear in aforementioned publication; 3 albums of photographs relating to Rode. [late 19th cent.]-2006 7 items
M/2348 A\AHG Somerset Beekeepers' Association: Yearbooks and Published History. 1917-2006 1 box
M/2349 A\ATH Deeds and associated documents relating to 15 Ellenborough Crescent, Weston super Mare. 1861-1906 1 bundle
M/2350 D\PC\fr Frome Town Council: Council and Committee Minutes. 2001 1 box
M/2351 D\DC\tau.d Taunton: slides of the Full Moon pub, South Street, prior to demolition. 2004 5 slides
M/2352 D\P\rim Rimpton parish records: banns register 1824-1982 and PCC minute book 1920-1938. 1824-1982 2 vols
M/2353 A\ALT Assistant Masters Association: member lists, examples of national newsletters, and correspondence. 1955-1973 1 bundle
M/2354 DD\WI Somerset Federation of Women's Institutes: Abbey Manor and Preston, Badgworth and Biddisham, Burnham on Sea, Dowlish Wake, East Coker, Norton St Philip, Porlock, Stogumber, Wanstrow, West Camel, West Coker, Wincanton 1918-2006 9 boxes
M/2355 D\P\pos Parish records for the United Parish of Postlebury (former parishes of Cloford, Marston Bigot, Nunney, Wanstrow and Witham Friary). Postlebury: PCC minutes, parish magazines, yearbooks, treasurers' accounts, electoral rolls. Cloford: church log books. Marston Bigot: church log books. Nunney: banns register, service register, church committee minutes, church log books, guidebooks, NADFAS inventory. Wanstrow: scrapbook, church log books. Also, records relating to the Frome Deanery Synod. 1915-2006 10 boxes
M/2356 D\PC\gst Goathurst parish council: minutes and charity correspondence file. 1952-2004 2 vols
M/2357 A\AYD Records of the Weston super Mare Free Church Women's Council. The records include minutes, accounts, annual reports, correspondence, photographs, scripts for publicity talks, and a presentation Bible. The deposit contains a large amount of material relating to the Hostel for Women and Girls; records specifically relating to this include deeds of covenant, building plans, engraving plates for a history of the hostel (together with the published work itself), and an oral history recording. 1911-1993 3 boxes
M/2358 A\CTE Shepton Mallet: Photocopied and annotated abstract of title of Mr. John William Smart to 3 dwelling houses, nos. 14, 15 and 16 Coombe Lane. [1902] 1 doc
M/2359 D\P\wyco Revised edition of 'Burials and Grave Locations 1605-2006' for St. Nicholas' Church, Withycombe. 2007 1 vol
M/2374 DD\X\SKG Calendar of Quarter Sessions writs (Q\SPw). [1584-1834] 1 doc

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