New Accessions at the Somerset Record Office
July-September 2007

An "accession" is the technical term for a record or group of records deposited at the record office for safekeeping.  Every accession is given its own unique "accession code", so that we can trace exactly when a document came in, its status, the details of who deposited it with us, and which other records, if any, came in with it.



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Accession Code Reference Code Description Covering Dates Extent
M/2430 A\BKK Colour scan of Thomas Gainsborough's 'Drover with Calves in a County Cart'. [c.1755] 1 doc
M/2431 DD\SLI Somerset Light Infantry: additional papers, including photographs and personal papers. 1914-1997 7 items
M/2432 A\CSV "Wick St Lawrence: A Journey Through Time in Words and Pictures" (volumes 7 and 9). 2005-2007 2 vols
M/2433 A\CUC World War II: account of Doris Flatt, conscientious objector held in Exeter Prison. 9 Oct 1943 1 doc
M/2434 A\BOR World War II maps: copy Home Guard and Luftwaffe maps. [1940s] 6 items
M/2437 D\P\wrax Wraxall parish: additional documents including accounts, Sunday school records, parish magazines and service register. 19th - 20th century 2 boxes
M/2438 D\P\co.d Corton Denham: parish magazines. 2001-2006 32 vols
M/2439 A\CTZ Minehead: photocopied deeds for Amberley House. [1924-1925] 3 docs
M/2440 D\PC\bar.g Barrow Gurney Parish Council: minutes and correspondence. 1985-1996 6 files
M/2441 DD\BLM Correspondence to George Goodman re. Bridgwater Fire Brigade, 1908-1909; apprenticeship indenture of Reginald Goodman, 1910; and correspondence relating to a break-in at the goods shed at Bridgwater Railway Station, 1965-1966. 1908-1966 1 file
M/2442 D\PC\stapg Staplegrove Parish Council: minute books and receipt and payment book. 1959-2003 3 items
M/2444 T\PH\vch Copy of will of James Veysey and extracts from draft abstract of title of Veysey family. [1729-1807] 1 doc
M/2445 A\CUD Taunton and District Civic Society: minutes, correspondence, etc. c.1972-2006 3 boxes
M/2446 D\P\nyn Nynehead parish: minutes of Parish Council meetings and three faculties. 1980-2005 5 docs
M/2447 A\CUE Wembdon: drainage plans and agreement. 1906-[2007] 3 docs
M/2448 D\P\chard Chard parish: printed letter to the parishioners of Chard from their rector, 1839; poster re. stolen church plate, 1842; and receipt for reward paid for information about the theft, 1842. 1839-1842 3 docs
M/2449 A\CUF Register of shareholders [company unknown]. 1849-1866 1 vol
M/2450 DD\V Vernacular architecture reports for Kinsbury Episcopi, Broadway, Clevedon and Stogursey Apr-Jun 2007 4 docs
M/2452 A\CQY Transcript of Marston Magna baptisms. [1681-1812] 1 file
M/2453 A\CQY Transcripts of South Petherton baptisms, marriages and burials, from D\P\pet.s/2/1/3, appearing on the website [1737-1812] 1 file
M/2454 A\BPB Norton sub Hamdon: 'Norton Remembered' DVD oral history recordings and list of paupers at the Yeovil Workhouse 1903-2007 2 items
M/2455 A\AZF 'Somerset Inquests and Murders, 1828-1829' - extracts from the Taunton Courier. [1828-1829] 1 vol
M/2456 A\CUG Bruton: photographs of groups from King's School. c. 1910-1914 13 docs
M/2457 D\D\cf Faculty papers. 1992-1995 39 boxes
M/2459 A\CUH Taunton and District Gardeners' Association: minute books, rules, reviews, programmes, flower schedules and correspondence. 1928-2007 18 items
M/2460 A\CUI Account books and papers of Porter and Fry, jewellers, of Wellington. 1965-1999 1 box
M/2470 A\CUO Deeds and associated documents relating to the site of Laverock Court, Taunton. [1900]-1991 1 bundle
M/2472 A\CQY Parish register transcripts for Batcombe and Upton Noble. [1707-2006] 4 items

August 2007

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Accession Code Reference Code Description Covering Dates Extent
M/2451 A\BLL Records relating to Broadoak School, Weston-super-Mare (formerly Weston Boys' and Girls' Grammar Schools). Records include admissions registers, staff records, a punishment book, material for 1999 celebration, photographs, newspaper cuttings, speech day programmes, a Bible, cricket scores, school magazines and other records. c.1923-c.2004 8 boxes, 1 portfolio
M/2461 DD\X\WI Yatton and Claverham: deeds, leases, abstracts of title, etc. 19th-20th cent. 2 boxes
M/2462 D\P\west.m West Monkton additional parish records: marriage registers 1975-1986, 1998-2006. 1975-2006 2 vols
M/2463 A\CUJ Burnham on Sea Camera Club: minute books and papers. 1953-2003 8 items
M/2464 A\CUS "Matravers Family Births in Chronological Order" by Philip Mattravers, 1999 (with amendments and additions to 2003); CD-Rom of updates to the volume, as of August 2007. 1999-2007 1 vol,
1 disk
M/2465 A\CTP Printed material and research, mainly relating to Ilchester, belonging to the late Mr. James Stevens Cox. The material includes maps, prints, local history books and articles, newspapers and newspaper cuttings, Acts, posters, sales catalogues, Ilchester parish magazines, charity papers, and other records. 1730-c.1985 4 boxes, 1 portfolio
M/2466 A\CUK Photocopy of committal order for Samuel Coombs. [1854] 1 doc
M/2467 A\CTJ Sale particulars of Billerica Farm, Witham Friary, and Manor and Folly Farms, Upton Noble, funeral notice of Rowland Hoddinott (previous owner of Manor and Folly Farms). 1889-1925 4 docs
M/2468 A\CUL Copy of pamphlet by T[homas] P[acey] Keene, entitled 'Look to your Endowments! An Alarm for Churchmen' (Bath, c.1872). [c.1872] 1 doc
M/2469 Q/Rer South Somerset District Council: electoral registers. 1991 2 vols
M/2471 A\BDO Building plans and specifications for the Buckland estate, Nailsea. 1914-1924 2 bundles
M/2473 A\CSV "Wick St. Lawrence: A Journey Through Time in Words and Pictures", by Linda Jenkins, Volume 10, and files relating to Wick St. Lawrence and the surrounding area. [1913]-2006 1 box
M/2474 A\CUP Huish School: "The Huish Magazine". 1942-1952 4 vols
M/2475 A\CUQ Paget family estate map. 1904 1 doc
M/2476 A\CUR Montacute: CD-Rom of map of the manor of Montacute and the areas held by the National Trust. [1774]-1990s 1 disk
M/2477 A\CAI St Andrew's Conservation Trust: records of grants towards restoration of church fittings etc. 2006 1 box
M/2478 A\AOW Plan of the manor of Minehead and plan of Minehead town. c.1800 2 docs
M/2479 DD\V Report on Volis Farm, Kingston St Mary. 1986 1 doc
M/2482 D\P\wrax Wraxall and Failand parish magazines, 1939-2005; banns applications 1996-1999; order of service for Victory in Europe, 1945. 1939-2005 2 boxes
M/2483 A\CUR Bibliography of primary and secondary sources for the study of St. Michael's Hill, Montacute. 2007 1 doc
M/2484 A\CQY Transcript of Buckland St. Mary marriage registers, 1754-1812 and 1845-1886. [1754-1886] 1 doc
M/2486 DD\SAS Somerset Archaeological and Natural History Society, Ornithological Section: receipts and payments book. 1913-1917 1 vol
M/2487 A\BNI Archaeological survey of Bossington Farm, by Isabel Richardson (July 2007). 2007 1 vol
M/2488 A\CUT Deeds relating to Osborne House and property at Newton Road, Yeovil. 1894-1991 1 bundle
M/2492 DD\X\EBH East Brent Harvest Home: additional records including photographs, newspaper cuttings, correspondence and accounts. [1859]-2007 1 bundle
M/2495 A\CFA Copy records relating to Whatley, Bangle Farm and the Moore family, and lease of the manor of Whatley. [1764-c.1986] 1 file

September 2007

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Accession Code Reference Code Description Covering Dates Extent
M/2480 A\BRV Staplegrove Local History Society: miscellaneous records including transcripts, photocopies of documents, photographs of buildings in Staplegrove (the church, houses, village hall, Staplegrove Inn, etc.), videos relating to Staplegrove, audio recordings of talks given to the society and interviews (cassette tapes), newspaper cuttings, etc. A draft list compiled by Mrs. Shorrocks is available on file. [1235]-2000 5 boxes
M/2485 C/SEC File relating to the County Survey and County Development Plan. 1951-1953 1 file
M/2489 A\CUU Copy photograph of car registration YC 9065 showing an unidentified couple and their chauffeur David Davies. [nd., c.1930] 1 doc
M/2490 D\P\prid Priddy parish records: vestry, parochial church meeting and parochial church council minutes 1874-2004 4 vols
M/2491 A\BDO Nailsea: "No Return" - a novella depicting the life of Rachel Newton. 2005 1 vol
M/2493 A\CCP Valuation and Survey reports. 1961-1988 5 items
M/2494 A\BXA Transcript and photocopies of deeds relating to nos. 36 & 38 Lime Street, Nether Stowey. [1692] 2 docs
M/2496 A\AFF Records of the union Prospect and its predecessor bodies, including: minutes, reports, financial records, correspondence and personal files. 1922-1999 3 boxes
M/2497 A\CQY Englishcombe: digital images of Englishcombe parish registers (D/P/eng/2/1/1-3). [1728-1812] 1 disk
M/2498 A\CQY Berrow: CD of transcripts of Berrow parish registers (D/P/berw/2/1/1-3). [1700-1788] 1 disk
M/2499 D\P\cuck Cucklington parish records: parish meeting minute book, 1895-1927; annals of the Revd. James Phelips, 1880-1988 (mainly 1880-1898); newsletters of the united benefice of Charlton Musgrove, Cucklington and Stoke Trister with Bayford, 1996-2007. 1880-2007 1 box
M/2500 A\CUV Brendon Hills Industrial Survey: surveys, reports, plans, etc., relating to mine buildings and associated buildings, and the West Somerset Mineral Railway buildings and structures. c.1990-2007 2 bundles
M/2526 DD\X\NDS NADFAS record of Tolland, St John the Baptist. 2006 1 file
M/2527 A\AUS Slides of Somerset locations. 1963 5 items

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