New Accessions at the Somerset Record Office
January-March 2008

An "accession" is the technical term for a record or group of records deposited at the record office for safekeeping.  Every accession is given its own unique "accession code", so that we can trace exactly when a document came in, its status, the details of who deposited it with us, and which other records, if any, came in with it.



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January 2008

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Accession Code Reference Code Description Covering Dates Extent
M/2575 D\P\mls Mells group parish magazines: covers the parishes of Buckland Dinham, Chantry, Great Elm, Mells with Vobster and Whatley. 2007-2008 8 vols
M/2576 A\CVO Brompton Ralph, Isle Brewers, Isle Abbotts, Milverton, Hereford, etc.: photographs relating to the family of Mary Pett (Surridge, Garland and Humphry), late 19th cent.-mid 20th cent., and Women's Land Army badge of her mother, Hilda Surridge, 1919. Also includes sales particulars and photographs relating to Luckham Farm, Milverton, 1952-1984. late 19th cent.-late 20th cent. 1 box
M/2577 A\CVP Two letters to C. H. Read of the British Museum from Harold St. George Gray, regarding finds from the Glastonbury Lake Village. 26-29 Nov 1902 2 docs
M/2578 A\CFA Sales particulars for Somerset properties, and records of the Asham and East Mendip [Action] Group. 1980s-1990s 2 boxes
M/2579 D\PC\ Chard Town Council: minutes. 1974-1991 7 vols
M/2580 A\CJD South Stoke: revised CD-Rom of monumental inscriptions for the church of St. James the Great. [1744-2007] 1 disk
M/2581 Q\Rer Taunton Deane Borough Council: Edited electoral registers for Taunton Constituency, with street index. 2007-2008 4 vols
M/2582 Q\Rer Sedgemoor District Council: electoral registers for 2006 and 2008 (edited copies). 2006-2008 2 bundles
M/2583 A\CVQ Records of the Wellington Cubs and Scouts: 4 cine films, plus DVD version of them, short history of the 1st Wellington Scout Group and letter regarding the cine films. 1938-[2007] 6 items
M/2584 DD\X\LLY Transcripts of various recipes, and contents list of recipe books, made from documents held at the SRO. [17th-19th cent.] 1 doc
M/2585 A\CVR Copy photograph of garden party at ''St. Bees'', Lydeard St. Lawrence, held to celebrate Queen Victoria's Silver Jubilee. [1897] 1 doc
M/2586 DD\X\SSX Lantern slides of Quantock villages taken by Betty Underhill. nd, c.1940s 11 slides
M/2587 D\PC\blag Blagdon Parish Council: financial records, 1999-2003, planning applications, 2003, and minutes 2004-2005. 1999-2005 1 box
M/2588 A\CVS Ilminster Music Club: minutes, newsletters, accounts, list of members and club constitution. 1983-2003 8 files
M/2589 DD\X\MDT Monumental inscriptions: various parishes. [1485-2005] 45 items
M/2590 D\P\cha.a Charlton Adam: parish records including marriage registers, Church Reading Room minutes, service registers and faculties. 1837-2006 6 items
M/2591 D\P\bic Bicknoller: parish records including PCC minutes, accounts and correspondence. 1932-1998 20 items
M/2592 A\CVT Exford: deeds relating to the Ley estate and other properties, poor rates and map of the lands belonging to Chibbet Cottage. 1805-c. 1990s 1 box
M/2593 DD\X\SPN Photographs of Taunton taken by Mr. C. P. Saunders of Southampton. nd, 1970s-1976 9 docs
M/2594 DD\S\GLY Deed of gift for land and rent of a fulling mill in Chard. 23 Apr 1324 1 doc
M/2595 D\DC\TAU.D Additional Taunton Deane Borough Council records: photographs of Burge Farm, Bishops Lydeard. 1999 1 bundle
M/2596 A\CNV ContoC Christmas Concerts annual report, programme and CDs. 2007 4 items

February 2008

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Accession Code Reference Code Description Covering Dates Extent
M/2597 A\CVU Admission register of Yatton-Cleeve National school and associated papers. 1906-1954 1 vol, 1 bundle
M/2598 D\P\wel Wellington St John additional parish records: burial registers (burials in the cemetery, cremation burials only in the churchyard), visitors book, banns register, marriage register, confirmation register, baptism register, register of services, gifts to the parish of CP books. 1796-2001 10 vols
M/2599 D\P\nyn Nynehead additional parish records: marriage and service registers. 1980-2000 2 vols
M/2600 C/CR/W Coroners records: inquests. 1999-2002 1 box
M/2601 A\CVV Somerset: report and specification concerning the repair of stained glass at Huish Champflower Church; Plans of Christ Church, Redhill; Plans of St Mary's Church, Langford. [1842]-2000 3 items
M/2602 A\CVW Somerset: Photographs of scratch dials and mass dials found on Somerset Churches and other ecclesiastical buildings. 1993 3 docs
M/2603 D\PC\ Records of Wells St. Cuthbert Out Parish Council and its predecessor bodies. 1894-1998 21 boxes
M/2604 A\CVX Stoke sub Hamdon: Photograph album of the Southcombe family. c. 1870s-1950 1 vol
M/2605 A\BPL Edington and District History Group: lists of records held by the group, as of 1 January 2008. Jan 2008 2 docs
M/2606 D\P\ly Lyncombe St Mark: marriage register, 1969-1971, and baptism register, 1963-1972. 1963-1972 2 vols
M/2607 D/P/wilt Wilton Parish Records: additional material including PCC files, parish magazines, burial register and premises committee minute book. 1874-2004 2 boxes
M/2608 A\CVY Newspaper cuttings and miscellaneous papers relating to the Frome College of Further Education. [1939]-1987 4 files
M/2609 A\CTP Additional Stevens Cox records: account book, 1830-1846; "A Sketch of the Town of Yeovil", 1856; Domesday Book facsimile, 1862. 1830-1862 3 docs
M/2610 A\CSY Slides of documents, photographs, postcards and scenes of Highbridge, made by the late Jack Foster. [c.1900]-1987 1 bundle
M/2611 Q/RER North Somerset Council: electoral registers for Woodspring District Council, 1990-1991, and the North Somerset Council, 2008 (edited version). 1990-2008 2 vols, 2 bundles
M/2612 A\CSW Video of Councillor John Meikle's Freedom of the Borough Ceremony, Borough of Taunton 2004 1 item
M/2613 A\CSW DVD of 2007 in Kilmersdon. 2007 1 item
M/2614 A\CVZ Miscellaneous newspaper cuttings relating to villages, towns, etc., around Sampford Brett. 1970s-1980s 2 bundles
M/2615 D\P\wlw Wellow: parish copy of tithe map. 1843 1 roll
M/2616 A\CWA Rent books created by Bridgwater firm of estate agents Sherwood and Giles, showing clients, properties owned, people renting and amount paid. 1901-1921 17 vols
M/2617 A\CWB Taunton Model Railway Group Collection: plans and file of information relating to Bath Green Park Railway Station, ex Midland and Somerset & Dorset Railways. [1868]-2008 17 rolls, 1 file

March 2008

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Accession Code Reference Code Description Covering Dates Extent
M/2618 T\PH\tbl Somerset: master negative microfilm copies of Somerset newspapers (Bridgwater Mercury, Burnham and Highbridge Weekly News, Frome and Somerset Standard, Mid Somerset Series, Somerset County Gazette, Somerset Guardian, and Wellington Weekly News). [2007] 25 films
M/2619 D\P\ Weston All Saints (Bath): PCC minutes. 1961-1974 2 vols
M/2620 DD\WI Women's Institute records for Alcombe, Buckland St. Mary, Bucklers Mead, Chilcompton, Evercreech, Fivehead, Kingsbury Episcopi, Norton Fitzwarren, Pylle, Rockwell Green, Staplegrove, Walton, Weare, City of Wells and Witham Friary. 1924-2007 14 boxes
M/2621 Q\Rer Mendip: Register of electors. 2003 2 vols
M/2622 DD\X\GC Declaration of Trust for payment of debts of Philip Sheppard, Esq. 1823 1 doc
M/2623 A\CWC Records relating to Street Cycling Club. 1952-2008 3 docs
M/2624 Q\Rer West Somerset District Council: Registers of electors. 1974-2005 13 files
M/2625 D\PC\na Nailsea Town Council: minutes of the Town Council, Annual Town Meeting, Leisure Facilities committee, Planning and Environment Committee, Church House Management Committee, Town Centre Advisory Working Party, Nailsea Leisure Providers Forum and Policy Committee. 1995-2003 5 boxes
M/2626 A\CWD Ston Easton: declaration of trust. 1816 1 doc
M/2627 C\SS Somerset: registers of homes for disabled persons and old persons, and register of refusals. 1950-1973 5 vols
M/2628 D\PC\yeo.wo Yeovil without: Parish Council records including minutes, accounts, allotment rent books and financial statements. 1890-2004 22 vols
M/2629 A\AZF 'Somerset Inquests and Murders, 1825-1830 as listed in the Taunton Courier'. [1825-1830] 1 vol
M/2630 A\AGK Drayton: conveyance and abstract of title to Orchard Bungalow. 1841-1842 3 docs
M/2631 A\CWE Norton St Philip Fellowship Club: minutes, accounts, correspondence, photographs, etc. 1979-2007 15 items
M/2632 DD\DP Richard Huish Charity, Taunton: charity schemes and copy of will and Chancery Orders of Richard Huish. [1615]-1941 9 items
M/2633 A\CWF Taunton Old People's Housing Society: minute books. 1950-1994 3 vols
M/2634 A\CWG Edington: records relating to King Alfred School, Edington. Comprises pupil records, correspondence, accounts, photographs, and miscellaneous publications. Records left to the SRO by the will of the late Mrs Ann Rosaline Reeves of Edington Manor (died 11 March 2008).
Box 18256: Pupil records (reports, correspondence, etc.) - CLOSED
Box 18257: Pupil records (reports, correspondence, etc.) - CLOSED
Box 18258: Correspondence - CLOSED
Box 18259: General school records (newsletters, publications (including a history of the manor and school), a plan of the school, syllabuses, etc.) - OPEN
Box 18260: Pupil records (reports, correspondence, etc.) - CLOSED
Box 18261: Pupil records (attendance registers, payment of fees) and general accounts - CLOSED
Box 18262: Pupil records (correspondence, etc.) - CLOSED
Box 18263: General school records (photographs, publications, plan of school, etc.) - OPEN
Box 18264: Correspondence - CLOSED
1960s-2000s 9 boxes
M/2635 A\CFA Additional records of the Asham and East Mendip [Action] Group. 1980s-1990s 2 boxes
M/2636 A\AUS Wells: papers relating to charities in Wells. 19th cent.-20th cent. 3 docs
M/2637 A\CWH Taunton: miscellaneous papers relating to Colin V Tilney including papers relating to the Second World War and the Taunton and Wellington gas companies. 1922-1989 1 bundle

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