New Accessions at the Somerset Record Office
April-June 2008

An "accession" is the technical term for a record or group of records deposited at the record office for safekeeping.  Every accession is given its own unique "accession code", so that we can trace exactly when a document came in, its status, the details of who deposited it with us, and which other records, if any, came in with it.



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Accession Code Reference Code Description Covering Dates Extent
M/2638 A\CWI [Somerset Law Society]: volume of accounts and minutes. 1838-1878 1 vol
M/2639 A\CSD Somerset: stellarium and almanack; Wellington Board of Guardians and Milverton Highways Board receipts; photographic negatives of West Somerset. 1763-c. 1930s 3 items
M/2640 DD\V Vernacular Architecture Reports: reports for properties in Taunton, Montacute, Merriott, Kingsbury Episcopi, Winsham, Crewkerne, West Pennard and Stogursey. 2008 15 docs
M/2641 C\CR\W West Somerset Coroner: inquests, natural causes and treasure trove files for 2005. 2005 19 boxes
M/2642 A/CQY Transcripts of Buckland St Mary baptisms and burials from 1706-1788 in Microsoft Excel format. [1706-1788] 2 docs
M/2643 A\CWJ Somerset postcards, and photographs of Wookey Hole. [1891]-1980s 1 bundle, 1 doc
M/2644 A\CWK Illustrated London News. 16 Mar 1889 1 doc
M/2645 A\CWL Deeds and associated documents relating to ''Durley Hill' and other property in Keynsham. 1753-1887 1 box
M/2646 A/BGE Strachey family album pictures. 1880-1908 1 disk
M/2647 DD\DP Somerset: miscellaneous deeds, etc. Also includes deeds relating to Devon, etc. Box 18268 contains a deed relating to the sale of land in Trull for the building of a school, 1874 - see D\P\tru/18/1/1 for copy of deed. 1700s-1900s 21 boxes
M/2648 A\CWM Digital photographs and article about ancient oaks at Glastonbury. [1955]-2008 2 docs
M/2649 A\CWN Royal Ordnance Factory, Puriton: 3 albums and 1 file of photographs showing construction of the buildings, the site and manufacturing equipment. 1950s-1960s 4 items
M/2650 D\P\sut.mon Sutton Montis parish records: service register. 1960-1990 1 vol
M/2651 A\AVS Somerset: file of articles and research notes. c. 1990s 1 file
M/2652 DD\X\MAY Portman: line drawing of Claud Berkeley, 4th Viscount Portman. c. 1910 1 doc
M/2653 D\P\ched Cheddar Parish Council: Hannah More collection. 1819-1953 1 box
M/2654 A\BLZ Norton Fitzwarren Village Club: minutes. 1983-1991 1 file
M/2655 A\AWI Somerset: miscellaneous archaeological papers transferred from Somerset County Museum.  Including watching briefs, reports, etc.  Records include records regarding work on human bones from various sites done by Dr. Juliet Rogers of Nempnett Thrubwell and Charterhouse on Mendip field drawings and computer data.
A box list for this collection is available on request. 
1990s-2000s 34 boxes, 1 portfolio
M/2656 DD\X\SOM Somerset: miscellaneous drawings, prints and other artwork from box marked 'Art 7', transferred from Somerset County Museum.  19th cent.-20th cent. 1 box
M/2657 A\AWI Somerset Levels Project: archaeological papers, photographs, drawings, etc., transferred from Somerset County Museum. 
A box list for this collection is available on request. 
1960s-1990s 35 boxes, 3 portfolios
M/2658 A\BWT Papers relating to the Hochwald Trust, established in 1973 to help the families of victims of the Hochwald air disaster. 1973-1997 2 boxes
M/2659 A\CQY North Barrow: CD of images and transcripts of baptism register, 1813-2003 (D/P/bar.n/2/1/6). [1813-2003] 1 disk
M/2660 A\CWO Somerset and Dorset Railway: CDs containing digital images of train registers and diagrams for Evercreech Junction north, Radstock North, Shapwick, Bineger, Templecombe, Shepton Mallet and Midford, timetables, signalling diagrams, etc. [1899-2007] 7 items
M/2661 A\ASM Somerset Gardens Trust: correspondence files, etc. 1980s-1990s 5 bundles
M/2662 D\PC\dton Drayton: glass plate negatives, lantern slides and copy images taken by Harry Stone. 1880-1920s 3 boxes, 1 outsize item
M/2663 A\CVO Brompton Ralph, Isle Brewers, Isle Abbotts, Milverton, Hereford, etc.: photographs and family papers relating to the family of Mary Pett (Surridge, Garland and Humphry). 19th-20th cent. 1 box
M/2664 DD\DP Taunton: Porter Dodson wages book, deeds and wills. 1820s-1920s 1 box
M/2665 T\PH\SRO Somerset: photocopies of wills relating to the Summer, Summerhayes and Martin families. [1863-1917] 1 bundle
M/2666 DD\X\SKG Pym family: photocopies and transcripts of pedigrees and notes from 'The Genealogical Magazine'. [1899] 1 file
M/2667 A\CWP Blagdon Domesday Book 2000. 2001 1 vol
M/2668 A\CSW Trull: video of the Trull Jubilee Party in the Park. 2002 1 item
M/2669 T\PH\sro Ilminster: photocopies of documents from North Street House, Ilminster, that were purchased by Mr N P Harris-Ingram as lot 141 at an auction in May 1994 and lent to the SRO for photocopying. Other items from the collection were deposited as A\AOH and A\AOI. See also A\BVY for an original will belonging to the collection which was purchased from Mr Harris-Ingram. [17th cent.] 1 bundle (divided into 4 folders)
M/2670 A\AXN Exmoor: Tourism Development Action programme concerning research into sheep breeds and the woollen industry. 1990s 1 file
M/2671 A\AEJ Somerset: plan of a water supply survey showing statutory areas of existing water authorities. 1952 1 doc
M/2672 A\CWQ East Brent: map of the glebe lands belonging to the vicarage. 1787 1 doc
M/2673 DD\BLM Bridgwater: photograph of the constabulary and militia in Bridgwater Town Hall at the time of the brickyard riots. 1896 1 doc
M/2674 A\CWR Wellington: deeds for Husseys and Glasses, High Street, Wellington. 1813-1912 1 bundle
M/2675 A\CWS Postcards of Frome. [1802]-1980s 6 items
M/2676 D\PC\k.ep Kingsbury Episcopi Parish Council records including minute books, burial board, Declaration of Acceptance of Office, Receipt and Payment books, inclosure awards for Kingsbury Episcopi and Westmoor, maps. 1830-2002 2 boxes

May 2008

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Accession Code Reference Code Description Covering Dates Extent
M/2677 A\CWT Bishops Lydeard and neighbourhood: midwifery records including case registers and drugs book. 1940s-1980s 12 items
M/2678 A\CWU Bishops Lydeard and neighbourhood: midwifery records including case registers and drugs book. 1940s-1970s 6 items
M/2679 A\CWV Records relating to civil defence in North Somerset. 1958-1987 4 bundles
M/2680 D\DC\n.som Volume of Acts relating to Weston super Mare. 1842-1965 1 vol
M/2682 A/AJK Records relating to the Hebditch Family and New Cross Farm 1887-1958. 1887-1958 7 vols
M/2683 DD\WI Women's Institute records for Bicknoller, Binegar, Cheddon Fitzpaine, Dunster, Galmington, Norton sub Hamdon, Odcombe, South Petherton, Spaxton, Tintinhull,  Walton and Weare. 1924-2007 7 boxes
M/2684 D\P\ Nailsea Christ Church: Parish magazines, orders of service and 'Christ Church Story'. 1967-2007 2 boxes
M/2687 A\CWW Wordspring Poetry Group: accounts, publications, minutes, scrapbook and history. 1987-1994 5 items
M/2690 D\P\du Ledger, letters and receipts of Dunster Clock and Chimes Committee. 1966-1980 3 docs
M/2691 A\AWI Archaeological watching briefs, reports, etc., transferred from Somerset County Museum.  1987-2007 1 box
M/2692 A\BEN Deed relating to land in Chard with transcript. 1701 1 doc
M/2693 D\P\b.sut Bishop Sutton additional parish records: PCC minute books and papers. 1964-1995 3 items
M/2694 D\P\sty Stowey additional parish records: file of receipts, certificates and information re baptisms, marriages and burials. 1885-2000 1 file
M/2695 D\N\can.ur Cannington United Reformed Church records including minute books, accounts, Sunday School registers, correspondence. 1828-2003 2 boxes
M/2696 D\PC\crch Creech St. Michael Newsletter, issue 109. May 2008 1 doc
M/2697 A\AOW Two farm account books of Peter and Uriah Martin. 1766-1860 2 vols
M/2698 A\COA Two CD-Roms containing information about Somerset born and resident casualties of the two World Wars. [1914]-1997 2 disks
M/2699 D\DC\w.som West Somerset District Council: planning application files Contains application forms, plans, correspondence, etc.  The files relate mainly to Williton Rural District Council but also Minehead Urban District Council, Watchet Urban District Council and Dulverton Rural District Council, etc. 1948-c.1987 22 boxes
M/2700 D\N\wsc West Somerset Methodist Circuit records, including register of baptisms. 1871-1994 2 boxes
M/2701 A\BUZ Enmore: photocopies of sale particulars for the Barford Park Estate, 1958; Country Life magazine articles concerning Barford House, 1974-1995; reminiscences of Colonel Stancombe, 2007. [1958]-2007 4 docs
M/2702 A\CWX Farleigh Castle: postcard of a portrait of the Blessed Margaret Pole, Countess of Salisbury. [c. 1535] 1 doc
M/2703 A\CWY Transcripts of miscellaneous deeds relating to Somerset owned by Dr. Allan M. Wilson. [17th cent.] 2 docs
M/2704 DD\X\HWKS Register of apprentices' indentures, Oct 1845 (A-J): apprentices indentured in the merchant navy. Originally kept by the Registrar General of Shipping and Seamen and its predecessor. Main series kept at The National Archives (ref. BT 151) 1845 1 vol
M/2705 A\CGP Records relating to Admiral Robert Blake. [1655]-1892 6 docs
M/2706 A\CWZ Francis Frith photographs of Curry Rivel, Swell, Fivehead, Huish Episcopi and Langport. nd, c.1950 3 bundles

June 2008

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Accession Code Reference Code Description Covering Dates Extent
M/2706 A\CWZ Francis Frith photographs of Curry Rivel, Swell, Fivehead, Huish Episcopi and Langport. nd, c.1950 3 bundles
M/2707 A\CMB Weston super Mare: records of the 24th Weston super Mare Hill Road Scout Group including The Scouter magazine, 'The Baden Powell Story', administration records and photographs. 1930s-2000s 1 box
M/2708 DD\X\NDS 44 NADFAS (National Association of Decorative and Fine Arts Societies) reports relating to churches and chapels in the Diocese of Bath and Wells. 1983-2005 9 boxes
M/2709 D\PC\SPAX Spaxton Parish Council records, including: minutes, parish councillors' declarations, financial records, commons registration, planning records, and records relating to footpaths and allotments. 1894-1993 4 boxes
M/2712 A\AQO Heritage of the Ile images and database. 2008 2 disk
M/2713 DD\X\FRH Photocopy of a folder entitled 'Poems of Somerset and World War II by John Freeth'. 2008 1 bundle
M/2714 DD\SCL Mobile Library service: files of correspondence and other papers. 1960s-1990s 3 boxes
M/2715 D\P\kew Kewstoke: additional parish records 1834-1981 4 documents
M/2716 DD\X\DEV Miscellaneous Somerset deeds and other papers, transferred from the Devon Record Office. 1709-1865 1 bundle
M/2718 D/P/wick Wick St. Lawrence: additional parish records. 1951-2000 2 boxes
M/2719 DD\X\SKG Ashbrittle: Transcript of inventory of John Doble. [1707] 1 document
M/2721 D\P\cas Castle Cary: additional parish records. 1862-2003 6 documents
M/2722 A\BWT Documents relating to the Axbridge air disaster. 1973-2004 1 box
M/2723 DD/X/NDS NADFAS (National Association of Decorative and Fine Arts Societies) Church record of St Thomas of Canterbury, Cothelstone. 2005-2008 1 document
M/2724 D\P\pet.n North Petherton: additional parish records including banns registers, baptism register, confirmation register and service registers. 1851-1997 18 volumes
M/2725 A\BAV Barrow Gurney: Accounts of the estates of William Gore of Barrow, deceased, for 1662-1664. 1664 1 roll
M/2726 A\CXB Copies of three postcards of South Petherton. nd, 1933-1937 3 items
M/2727 A\CXA Deeds and associated papers relating to land in Bilbrook, Old Cleeve, now the Dragon House Hotel. [1713]-1918 1 bundle
M/2728 A/CXF Collection of letters to Longbottom Farm in Axbridge on agricultural and local business matters. 1939-1950 5 documents
M/2729 D\PC\mer Merriott Parish Council minutes. 1977-2001 2 volumes, 1 bundle
M/2730 A\CTP Ilchester: national newspapers with related articles and Ilchester Miscellany. 1737-1989 1 box
M/2731 A\BNI Holincote Estate: archaeological survey of Selworthy Farm. May 2008 1 volume
M/2732 D\PC\mart Martock: parish council records: including minutes, accounts, allotment registers, declarations of office, Kingsmoor award and tithe aportionment. c.1840-2003 8 boxes, 2 outsize items
M/2733 DD\SLI Somerset Light Infantry: letters from Lieutenant Harding to his cousin G. C. Pether, who was an internee in a German camp. 1915-1919 1 bundle
M/2734 A\BVW Kingsbury Epsicopi: transcripts of parish registers (marriages, 1879-1929) on Microsoft Excel. [1813-1929] 2 files

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